• Trading Spaces Audio Bundle

Trading Spaces Audio Bundle

Sometimes it takes more than a fresh coat of paint. Would you trade spaces with a friend and allow them to re-do a room in your home? Would you trust them to put themselves in your shoes, consider your feelings and add value to the place that you call home? Would you do the same?

We all have the potential to add value to the lives of those around us. What are the right tools? What expertise do we have? Are we better demolition experts than quality builders?

Two real-life families traded spaces. With a limited budget, the help of a designer and volunteer contractors, they went through the process of transforming a room in each others homes- but, in the end, will they reflect the choices of each other? Will the end result add value or cause problems?

Messages include:
  • See the Potential
  • It's an Inside Job
  • Ask an Expert
  • Quick Fixes
  • Lengthy Projects