• Uncommon - Week 3

Uncommon - Week 3

It’s all too easy to look at people on the news or the people down the street and think, “They’re nothing like me. I have nothing in common with them.” Finding common ground is far too often the uncommon approach to loving and serving those who we’re called to live with. With the recent clash of political views, cultural struggles and global strife, it’s more obvious than ever that many are more focused on the things that divide us, than on finding common ground.

Jesus lived an uncommon life, and He invites us to cultivate the things that unite us—hope, love and freedom found in a relationship with Him. Join us for four weeks as we explore different ways to close the gaps that separate ‘us’ from ‘them’ and instead, stand together on common ground.

In week three, Josh King speaks about an uncommon friend.

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