• UNrated Audio Bundle

UNrated Audio Bundle

The guy who walked on water…and nearly drowned. The King who committed adultery with a married woman…and then had her husband killed. The richest man who ever lived…also had 700 wives. Sound more like some recent tabloid headlines…or the truth?

Meet some real people, with real flaws, real fears and real scandals that God used to tell His story. For five weeks we're going to get the inside scoop on some of the biggest players in the Bible and uncover the dirt no one talks about.

Messages include:
  • Richest and Wisest Man Alive Takes 700 Wives
  • Pregnant Teen Gives Birth In a Barn
  • Womanizer King Woos and Kills for Lust
  • Cop-Killer Turns Hero
  • Fisherman Walks on Water and Lives to Tell About It