• The Viral Effect Audio Bundle

The Viral Effect Audio Bundle

If you've ever wanted 15 minutes of fame, it's easier than ever before. A kid can make a video in his bedroom one night, upload it, and within minutes it's circulating across the globe. We can see people doing silly things, shocking things...and we can't get enough. Those that are really popular spread like lightning, and before you know it, your grandma's seen it on the evening news and your boss is talking about it at the water cooler.

Just like viral video, the news that Jesus has risen from the dead spread like wildfire 2,000 years ago. This five week series considers the historical impact of the resurrection. Each week we'll make it real–with conversations about the choices we make personally that have a gargantuan impact on the world around us.

Messages include:
  • Viral Moments
  • Viral Interventions
  • Viral Conversations
  • Viral Priorities
  • Viral Attitudes