• Welcome to the Wilderness Audio Bundle

Welcome to the Wilderness Audio Bundle

The call of the wild. For some, the wilderness is a place to get perspective. The place where our belongings, our identity and everything else get stripped away, and we are just ourselves. A place where modern comforts aren’t at hand and all that’s left is what’s essential. You might even be walking through the wilderness right now, facing a challenge that requires you to trust God to provide each step of the way.

Throughout the Bible humans have found redemption, battled temptation, met disappointment and found their purpose in some of the wildest places on earth. For six weeks, we’re lining up our path to track with six Biblical characters and the unexpected truths they encountered in the wilderness.

Messages include:

  • Week 1: with Mark Beeson (Paul: Calibrating To New Purpose)
  • Week 2: with Josh King (Joseph: Escape From Betrayal)
  • Week 3: with Jason Miller (Moses: The Path To Freedom)
  • Week 4: with Josh King (David: Preparation For Greatness)
  • Week 5: with Bob Laurent (Jesus: Surviving Ultimate Temptation)
  • Week 6: with Mark Beeson (Hagar: A Season of Disappointment)