• Whoville Christmas - Week 4

Whoville Christmas - Week 4

Some think that Christmas comes for just a select few, For those without problems, with no reason to boo-hoo. “Not so!” say the Whos. “Why, Christmas is a time for one and for all, to sing and remember Who was born to a humble manger stall!” Not just a gift for the wealthy, the mighty, the strong, but Hope for the simple, the outcast, to finally belong. As the weather turns and it starts to freeze slick, keep an eye out for the Grinch, he might pop up right quick! So what happens next? Well, in Whoville they say, your heart might grow up to three sizes in one day! Please join us this season, as we stand hand-in-hand, to welcome Christmas with great joy and festivities planned! grangerchurch.com/whovillechristmas


In week four, Mark Beeson talks on the topic of "A Gift For Everywho." 

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