Stop using acronyms and nicknames wherever possible.

We all do it. It’s our insider lingo. “Hey Bob, how’s the WP coming for the 313 team?” The problem is anyone outside your team or inner circle is going to be clueless. Acronyms assume everybody knows, but the truth is most of them just don’t. So on the web and in print communications, as well as on the platform, the golden rule is to avoid using them whenever you can.

If your church name is Granger Community Church, for example, that might get pretty lengthy to keep repeating in body copy. As a good practice then, the first time it appears, use the full name and from there on out, use the abbreviation. But if you don’t give people the full name behind the acronym, they’ll be left in the dark! Find other helpful tips and ideas in the Communications Forms Bundle, a collection of all of Granger’s Communications team documentation.