Have a baptism celebration coming up? Here are some handy resources for you:

  • Why Baptism? Video | Have you ever wondered things like, “why should I get baptized” or, “what does baptism mean?” This video helps to explain the origin of baptism, and the reasons for following this commandment from Christ to His followers.
  • Going Public: Understanding Baptism Ebook | This is a 22-page, downloadable PDF ebook that you can purchase for digital distribution at your church. We use this as a guide for those who are interested in learning more before they decide to be baptized. It walks people through the meaning and Biblical basis for baptism.
  • Watch Granger’s recent baptisms, along with stories of people recently baptized.

We recently celebrated over 7,000 baptisms in just under 30 years as a church, and we love to celebrate stories of changed lives! We hope these resources will help your church as you prepare for your next baptism celebration!

by Elkhart Campus Pastor Gene Troyer

Fall baptisms happened this weekend at Granger Community Church as we closed out the Game Plan series with 165 people taking their next step and going under the water. It was an incredible time of celebrating the work God continues to do in His people.

Here is an excerpt from my sermon:

“This life of following Jesus is a discovery of God’s holy standard, striving towards making it our own and coming to the realization that we cannot do it by our own efforts. ‘Taking up our cross daily’ is a constant reminder of the nature of Jesus’ atonement. Our belief is that the sacrifice of Jesus is the basis of our repentance and the motivation to be more like Him. As we become more like Him we have a change in mind which causes a change in behavior, and this results in a life of grace and service. But the daily taking up of our cross, this struggle against the challenges and temptations of personal sins can seem overwhelming 15baptism1at times and so, it is good for us to remember the gospel.

“Feeling proud? Remember the gospel: Jesus substituted Himself for you personally and died painfully in your place.

“Feeling discouraged? Remember the gospel: Jesus fulfilled the Mosaic Law by permanently removing the cause of God’s wrath (expiation) and making you favorable to Him (propitiation).

“Feeling self-righteous? Remember the gospel: Only Jesus could redeem you by paying the judicial penalty of your sin and liberating you from its penalty.

“Feeling afflicted? Remember the gospel: Jesus cancelled your ‘certificate of debt’ and took away the force of your accuser.”

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It's baptism weekend at GCC. Hundreds of people have come forward, publicly declaring their choice to follow Jesus. It's a beautiful display of boldness and surrender all in one moment; dying to sin, rising in Christ.

Thousands have accepted baptism over the past 25 years at GCC. That is a massive testimony to the movement of God, and the people who have answered the call and chosen to walk on the Jesus way. Each time one more person comes forward, the whole church rejoices.

Baptism weekend is a big deal at GCC. Dozens of photographers take thousands of photos to collectively capture every person, every expression, every moment of rejoicing.  It's a big celebration!

Here a look at some of the celebration so far this weekend: