Looking for last-minute program elements for Valentine’s weekend? Here are three of our favorites that you can plug into your love- or relationship-themed message right away!

  • Love vs. Lust Video: This animated video was used during Granger’s Sex for Sale series as a message opener, to illustrate “Love vs. Lust.”
  • Hurt Drama: This powerful monologue is a man talking about the damaging effects of pornography and revealing the hurt behind the lie that Satan often tells in the moment.
  • My Story Video: This is the personal story of a young woman finding healing from a difficult sexual past in her relationship with God. Hear first-hand the story of her journey to freedom.

We have many more resources like these, along with full messages and graphics packages available in the store. Search for topics like love or relationships to get just the right thing for your church.

Happy Valentine’s Day!