Be a hoarder (of good ideas).

Maybe for you it’s a drawer in your desk where you stash great print pieces from other churches or organizations that caught your eye, or a folder on your computer desktop where you dump song and video ideas. Maybe it’s a bulging cabinet about ready to overflow with stuff that inspires you. Maybe you create more Pinterest boards than what is considered healthy.

Whatever works for you—whether it’s digital or analog—you need a place to store good ideas. Stuff to look through when you’re stuck and can’t figure out how your next message series should look. Things to toss around when you’re coming up dry on ideas for how to explain something or craft a presentation. At Granger we have a few drawers and cabinets, both real and virtual, where we store stuff. Go to wherever your pile is, and you’ll be able to pull something out that will spark a new direction.

Looking for some ideas to get you going? You’ll find a variety of series graphics and other sermon materials at Let the hoarding begin!

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The Elephant in the Room Trailer

by Filmmaker & Designer Adam Tarwacki

If there’s one thing I have learned in my time creating video at Granger it’s that I can shoot the most amazing footage and have the coolest motion graphics—but if I have bad audio I have a bad product.

Once upon a time there was a story of life change that, if captured and told, could change lives. So we contacted our video guy, also known as Joe Shmoe (also known as Dustin Maust). He shows up with a camera, shoots the story, and it looks beautiful. He captures tears, laughter, and has the best comedic movement ever. This video will be awe inspiring. He sits down to edit this masterpiece only to realize all he can hear is the hum of the air conditioner and the loud kids in the room next door with a hint of his subject underneath. He leans back in his chair, raises his hands to the sky and cries out, “Why, oh why did I not heed the words of my master Adam Tarwacki?!” *Just so we are clear, I actually learned this from Dustin but I’m sure he learned if from somewhere else.

It all boils down to this: Good audio is half of a good video. You cannot forget about audio. Your audience will become distracted with humming and hissing and peaking volume. It’s hard to concentrate on the real story. Our job is to provide a full product that is engaging, beautiful, and helpful—one that tells the story and is distraction-free so the message is clear.

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At Granger, just like many of your churches, there are all kinds of ways for people to get involved and take next steps. Whether it’s the opportunity to serve others in an area of strength, or to make a personal commitment public, these events are big moments in people’s lives. Of course that makes it that much more important that when we host such events, people know about them. That’s where we come in. If you need a little help promoting one of your next big events, try out any of these four graphics packages:

  • Baptism graphics – Used to promote the annual Baptism Celebration, this download package will help ensure people know about their next opportunity to publicize their commitment to follow Christ.
  • Volunteer Celebration graphics – Let’s face it—we couldn’t do what we do without the hard work and commitment of rock star volunteers. Considering they usually work full-time jobs and have family and social lives outside of the church, their hard work and sacrifice is worth celebrating. Use this graphics package to promote your next Volunteer Celebration.
  • Children’s Dedication graphics – Parents will be glad to know about your church’s next Child Dedication service. These are the graphics we used to promote one of ours.
  • Kids’ Christmas Performance graphics – What’s better than the sweet sound of kids singing Christmas songs? Only the entertaining experience of watching their antics on the grown-ups’ stage. Get this download package to promote your next Kids’ Christmas Performance.