What is art and the Gospel for the people you’re reaching? This year at ReInnovate we’re giving four churches a unique chance to answer. They’ll have the same amount of time to brainstorm and program their own artistic expression of the same topic. Anything goes as long as they use only staff and volunteers from their church—no contracted professionals are invited. One of the key ingredients to innovation—regardless of ministry size, shape or style—is new perspectives on the same topic. Prepare for the unexpected.

Want to take the challenge? Apply to be part of the Arts ReMix at ReInnovate.

To ’ReInnovate’ is the new normal for all of us. Rebuilding. Reproducing. Realigning. Constantly innovating. That’s the norm. This September 18-19, you’ll find strategic and practical ways to explore how this is implemented across the life of the church – in every ministry area.