Don’t worry. It’s not you. It’s us. And it’s all good.

We wanted to let you know we’re doing something that may seem crazy at first glance: We’re cancelling Innovate for this fall.

It wasn’t an easy decision to make, but it’s the right one. We realized with the launch of some exciting new initiatives for our Granger audience, we could not bring the focus, energy and effort it takes to provide you with the very best Innovate experience. And we don’t want you to have anything less than the best.

So we’re bypassing the Innovate Conference this year so that our teams can ruthlessly focus on our number one priority—serving our Granger Community Church audience by helping them take their next steps toward Christ.

If you purchased a ticket to Innovate you’ll be receiving a refund shortly. If you bought a plane ticket let us know by emailing and we will reimburse you for the cancellation fee.

We believe the local church (that’s you) is the hope of the world. We are committed to helping you by offering specific and practical tools and training that will take your ministry to the next level. Check out our free webinars and high-quality materials online at

Still on the fence about registering your team for Innovate this year? We think you’ll get the training and information you need to up your game and take your ministry impact to a new level. But don’t just take our word for it. Watch the main sessions from 2013 and see for yourself what it’s all about. All four full-length main sessions are available on-demand. Just press play on the video below:

Seen enough? Ready to pull the trigger? Good news: Early-Bird pricing is available for three more days! Register your team today and beat the September 14 deadline.

We’ve all been there. You’re short on time, fresh ideas—and room in the budget. The weekends are rolling forward, whether or not you have these valuable assets available to you. If it feels like you’re pulling from the bottom of the barrel, and your pockets aren’t lined with pure gold, look no further. Here are just a few of the free resources available right now at

We hope these help. Take them. Use them. Enjoy!

Comprised entirely of former members of the David Crowder Band, The Digital Age maintains a beating-heart belief that the Church is beautiful, diverse, creative and alive—and that these qualities should be reflected in the music that the Church and The Digital Age create.

“The Digital Age mission picks up where [David Crowder Band] left off,” guitarist/vocalist Mark Waldrop says. “It’s alt-rock that’s compelling lyrically and musically, and we’re still obsessed with the concept record. So we’re carrying over what we did before. This is all we know, to write together and work together. It feels new, but a lot of it is a carryover; it’s not too huge a departure.”

There’s much to recommend about this musical expedition, which promises to reach an audience far beyond David Crowder Band territory. “Captured” gallops along on a marching-band beat Jeremy “B-Wack” Bush cooked up in his home studio between rehearsals, while the lyric revels in broken-chains celebration: “’Cause love has come to rescue me/ Your love has come to set me free/ Your love is all I need.”

Waldrop sums up the song with a simple exclamation and explanation: “Wow! What a way to start, especially in this transition time for us. We made it; we traversed through death—that’s how it felt as a band. People talk about the resurrection of Jesus, and sometimes they forget that there’s resurrection in everything. Things die and it’s OK, because the God of resurrection gives birth to new things.”

And so let The Digital Age begin, an age that mocks its very moniker by yielding music that overflows with heart and soul—not just the kind that makes for a gliding groove or an emotive performance. Yes, there’s plenty of that to enjoy on Evening:Morning. But another brand of heart and soul also manifests itself, and it’s one Waldrop sums up with high-beam optimism:

“Our God isn’t passive and in the grave. He’s active and so we thought, ‘Let’s put the flashlight ahead of us and see what step we’re supposed to take.’ We don’t know where we’re going but we’re going somewhere and we’re trusting that God is with us every step. We’ve been given the gist; we’ve been given the songs. Now it’s time to go out into the wild, follow … and see.”

The Digital Age is coming to Innovate! Register for Innovate and concert admission is on us. Grab The Digital Age's brand new record Evening:Morning on iTunes. And check out for more information.