by Lead Pastor Mark Beeson

Three years ago, I got “weathered-in” on Kodiak Island in Alaska.

Planes were grounded for days. There was no way to leave the camp and no way for supplies to reach us. I had my camera, shelter and food. I had a great big gun ’cause there’s a reason they call them “Kodiak Bears.”

It was awesome. It was challenging. It was an opportune time.

A few random moments of internet access during those days opened the floodgates for a torrent of questions from the caring and the curious:

  • Are you OK?
  • What’s it like?
  • What are you eating?
  • When will we see you again?

The concerned wanted to know my status. They wanted the truth about my current situation. They wanted to pray. They wanted to know if they could help me, or if they could do anything to help Sheila while I was away from her.

“The Truth is your friend,” so I offered an honest update about the conditions I faced, along with specific plans for the days ahead.

Now, three years later, I’m not on Kodiak Island, I’m home, and I recently offered my honest update about The State of the Church and the conditions we face. I presented specific plans for the days ahead.

If you’re interested in what’s going on at Granger and what we’re focused on in 2015, watch the full service now.