ReInnovate is in the books! Well, maybe it's not in books. But it is in Blogs. And in video. Well, not yet... Okay, so check back to the ReInnovate site next week for full video of the three main sessions. And we'll be releasing an ebook of this year's Blogs and resources from our speakers in the coming weeks. This will all be free, just because we like you. And because it's our goal to equip as many church leaders as possible with information and tools you can use to up your game, no matter where you find yourself in your ministry.

To everyone who was at the conference, thank you for coming! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. See you next year!

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At this year's ReInnovate conference, we're challenging the way we all do church in every area. We are building on a vision that reproduces the church.

What we're learning at Granger, and what has drove our 2016 vison, is that if we want to reproduce, we have to change the way we do ministry. Reproducing doesn't just mean growing attendance and starting multi-site; it's about mobilizing people to be on mission - on purpose for a purpose.

In the final Main Session of Day 1 with Tim Stevens, and in the first Main Session of Day 2 with Rob Wegner, the vision of the people of Granger Community Church was laid out. The beauty of the vision is that it wasn't handed down from the top leadership of church; rather, it was born out of the vision of the people of Granger Community Church.

To get people on mission, we have had to challenge our existing beliefs, such as:

  • Name the church you want to be.... by clarifying your vision
  • Name the church you want to be.... by changing your language and metaphors
  • Redefine the location of ministry - what was Granger Community Church is now Granger Commons

In the Day 2 morning session, Rob challenged us to change our view of our local church; see it as an aircraft carrier - a hub for mission - rather than a destination of mission. When you catapult people to be on mission, they carry the vision with them wherever they go. 

This movement is ordinary people doing ordinary life with a God-inspired vision.THAT is reproducing the church - THAT is how mission happens - THAT is how resource and arm people to BE the church!

What is art and the Gospel for the people you’re reaching? This year at ReInnovate we’re giving four churches a unique chance to answer. They’ll have the same amount of time to brainstorm and program their own artistic expression of the same topic. Anything goes as long as they use only staff and volunteers from their church—no contracted professionals are invited. One of the key ingredients to innovation—regardless of ministry size, shape or style—is new perspectives on the same topic. Prepare for the unexpected.

Want to take the challenge? Apply to be part of the Arts ReMix at ReInnovate.

To ’ReInnovate’ is the new normal for all of us. Rebuilding. Reproducing. Realigning. Constantly innovating. That’s the norm. This September 18-19, you’ll find strategic and practical ways to explore how this is implemented across the life of the church – in every ministry area.