by Kristin Baker, Director of Story

Have you noticed Sunday is relentlessly faithful? Week after week, she comes with expectations of greatness. Year after year, Christmas and Easter seem to call us into an office, sitting behind a big desk, arms folded, looking down at us as if to say “Impress me.” If we’re honest, artists in the church can easily admit that there are seasons where we feel less like Picasso at an easel and more like a vending machine outside a Speedway.

There are three important questions to ask.

  • Why do we get in cycles where we feel this way?
  • Where do we get ideas from when we’re feeling empty?
  • What can we do to “stock up”?

Much like a triune God who loves to watch us “play” instead of just “work,” these three questions can gracefully bring us back to the easel, where we once again hear the Master painter whispering ideas for the next masterpieces to create that point us all back to Him. And more importantly, we start building a ladder to help us crawl out of the sinkhole of the “have to” mentality back up into the fresh air of “get to.”

So—WHY do we get in cycles where we feel this way?

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