by Tim Stevens, Executive Pastor

I really enjoy following the blog of David Whiting. He is the pastor of Northridge Church in Rochester, New York. This is a pastor who understands hard work, church growth, discipleship, and leading his family with integrity. I know you’ll enjoy his blog.

Recently he wrote about the burdens of leading a large church. And one of the downsides he has found is having to limit his access. Here is a quote I really appreciated from his post:

I’ve determined at this point of my life to only give up three nights a week for church-related meetings. I am doing all I can to be home four nights a week. I am in the final years of parenting teenagers. I want to do it well. It can’t be done well without presence.

So smart. Many pastors won’t draw this line. They buy in to the lie that the church needs them more than their family does. Nothing could be further from the truth. The strength of your leadership comes from your strength at home.

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